We are already very sorry, we go to great lengths to prevent wasting your time with technical issues, but sometimes it can happen.


Support. You hate this word. We hate this word.  It means you will likely endure a stressful, ongoing, time wasting, no moneymaking day or two.  Not the case with us: "Problem solved"


Setting up email with your mobile device or computer?  Can't edit your website?  Can't make a post on Facebook?


We love our clients which is why we provide excellent tech support.  We either arrive personally to your office fix things hands on.  Or we can immediately work with your computer from anywhere using "screen share."  Lets make this easy and stress free and most importantly get you back in the game!

I.T. Services


Let's set you up for ultimate efficiency


We arrive within your office to setup pretty much anything.  Networks, wi-fi, email, printers, and very important backup systems.





Screen Share


We control your computer remotely


With screen share we control your mouse or pointer from our office to your office to fix whatever you desire with you sitting back and watching it take place.  Send us an email with the time of your desired screen share appointment. Do you want to get ahead of the game? Please download the app or program and get familiar with it. It is free and easy. Contact us to set an appointment!