Everything in sports is a once-in-a -lifetime event.  With every action never quite repeated in exactly the same way, we love taking photos of every play, capturing all types of emotions, the glory, and the losses. No matter whether it’s a team or individual sport, we’ll record all the important plays and help you bring the action to life through the use of sports photography.



Elements of Good Sports Photography


Taking sports photographs requires certain elements to be present if quality action shots are to be taken. A certain amount of skill and experience is needed in order to capture sports scenes in the middle of fast-acting play. Some of it also boils down to luck-being in precisely the right spot at the right time in order to get a perfect view of players and the game. It also requires alertness and attention to detail on behalf of the camera crew. Fortunately, these traits are something that the sports photographers here at Jelly Creative Design all possess.







When it comes to sports photography, the right location can enable a photographer to take images of action that would not be possible from far away. In many team sports such as basketball or football, this generally involves obtaining access to the sidelines. Access to these areas is not normally granted to members of the public for safety reasons, which is why a sports photographer is often able to get shots that the average spectator cannot.





How successful sports photography is will largely depend on timing, Photographers must be familiar with the game, and be able to anticipate defining moments before they happen. Good reflexes and a quick reaction time will be helpful in this endeavor as well. Many professional photographers find that their timing improves with the number of games they cover, which is another reason why experienced ones such as those at Jelly Creative Design should be chosen over beginners.



Team Photo Shoots


Sports photography doesn’t always have to include capturing play-by-play action on the court or field. It can also involve creating memories through team photo shoots. These pictures are an excellent way for coaches, players, and fans to remember a sports season long after it is over. The sports photographers from Jelly Creative Inc. will come to your location in order to hold a session, and will bring all the equipment that’s needed to take brilliant images, even when shots are taken outdoors. These photographs can be used to make mementos for those involved with the team, or to create promotional materials such as banners and programs.





Individual Photo Shoots


Friends and family members sometimes want individual photographs of a certain player, which is why sports photography also includes individual portraits. As with team shoots, individual photographs can be taken at your location, and can also be conducted at the same time group portraits are being taken. These pictures can be framed as keepsakes, used to make sports cards, or duplicated so that they can be given to fans. No matter what the purpose for having individual portraits, Jelly Creative Design will be able to meet your needs precisely.



Benefits of Sports Photography


Not only do athletic photographs help create memories, but they can also be useful in improving a team’s performance. Many times, sports pictures will show details that might otherwise go unnoticed, so players are able to avoid making mistakes by reviewing images of themselves during a game. These pictures also help build camaraderie, especially when group portraits are taken. Most of all, sports photographs can be used to record history, thereby leaving a legacy for future generations.


Jelly Creative Design is a leader in sports photography in the Panama City Beach area. To take advantages of the services they offer, give them a call at (850) 972-0467.