The power of photography has the ability to transform and shape how we feel and see the world. We have mastered the art of photography to accomplish any purpose imaginable.


Pictures can say things that words can't. At Jelly Creative, we put every bit of effort possible into making sure that your photos are truly worth a thousand words. We use the latest technology and the best techniques to make sure that every shot counts and that every picture has the chance to turn into something great. Let's not forget our standard setting Jelly  photo editing, to really make a difference.  Whether you are local to Panama City Beach or are elsewhere in the world, we can provide you with photography services that can't be beat. Whether you want professional style photographs or something more casual in a family setting, we can give you both the photography and editing services you crave and need.



A Range of Possibilities


Passion has no boundaries


We are not a photography business that focuses on one specific specialty at the expense of all others. We will use our resources to provide any sort of pictures you might need, from newborn photos to head shots for a business to major events like a wedding and much more. When you decide to use us for a project, we will have you speak with a photographer who will take the time to listen to you and offer suggestions that can help provide focus to the shoot. There is no style we won't consider and no moments that we won't do our best to capture. The goal is to make sure your needs are met in the beginning, middle, and end of the shoot as well as during post-processing.



Latest Techniques


The world advances daily, so do we


Our photographers are always seeking ways to improve their skills. To that end, we make sure to pay attention to all the latest  techniques and technology out there. One of the current methods that we've embraced is high dynamic range photography, or HDR photography. This is a style that combines a certain photo style with digital editing to make sure that the dynamic range between light colors and dark colors in an image is more noticeable. This often results in images that are more eye-catching and appealing. We can show you a large library of different images and editing styles we use, allowing you to choose which techniques work the best for your project and paying special attention to those desires.





Creative Solutions


Nothing is impossible


At Jelly Creative, creativity means more than just showing off how good we are at photography. It means using our creative minds to solve problems that might make a specific shoot unworkable. This could include problems of distance, such as if you are located elsewhere in the country but need a photo taken quickly. It can be simple logistical issues, such as when you have a difficult subject such as a newborn or animal. No matter what the issue is, we will wrack our brains to make sure we solve it for you. We have expert photographers capable of dealing with many complex situations, and we have studios away from our home base in Florida where we can meet you and get some pictures taken.



Unique Looks for Days


No two photography sessions are alike


In making sure that we have a diverse body of work, we provide both professional and personal photography. We can take pictures of your family and make those as touching and unique as possible. We can also take a wide range of business-related images that will enable you to put your best foot forward at a meeting, networking event, website, or even just on a business card. Check out our library of professional photos and design options. You will find that we have many different options to choose from, and all of them will make sure that you are able to give yourself a clean, businesslike image. We can handle the pictures, design, process, and even website layout for you.



Professional Photo Editing


Photographers Are Not Photo Editors


The photography process doesn't end when the shoot is over. From there, digital editing and post-processing work takes a large amount of time and effort. Wherever the shoot took place, we will be able to get the files sent back to our design studio and have them turned around for you very quickly. That means that even photos shot in suboptimal conditions can be brightened and polished into something truly breathtaking. With our skills and technology, no goal is unattainable when it relates to photography.





Printing & Imaging


Superior photography deserves superior printing


We print our products in many different forms, whether you need framed portraits or something larger for public displays. You can find out more here, which will give you a good feel for the type of high quality printing you can expect. We also use the power of a photo editing service we like to call “Jelly Editing” that will give you amazing results. We modify our photography by enhancing colors, adjusting light, and clearing up blurry areas. This means that you can get your old photographs restored, colorize black and white pictures, and remove scratches or blemishes in a photo.



Privacy Policy


Threat level: Purple


One of the things that many people worry about when it comes to trusting others with their photographs is a matter of privacy. Whether you use us for full photography services or just for photo editing of pictures you already have, you can trust us with your personal security. We have a very strict privacy policy when it comes to our pictures. We will never use your photos for our portfolios or website without getting your permission first. We apply the same levels of confidentiality to all of our pictures, so whether you provide us with business shots, art photos, family pictures, or even just a basic retouch job, we will provide you with the utmost in personal protection. At Jelly Creative, privacy is second only to quality.



Our Guarantee


Be bold


Whether you live in the Panama City Beach area or are located elsewhere in the country, you should consider giving us a try. We have a team of skilled photographers and designers, and we are committed to using the best options available to meet your every need. Feel free to view our gallery or read about the full range of services that we offer elsewhere on this website. You can even compare us to other photography services out there – we are certain that nobody offers quite the same range of flexibility, creativity, and modern business savvy.


If you like what you see here, consider giving us a call and asking for a consultation. Wherever you are in the world, we have the ability to meet your needs. If you have a unique project that you need help with, we'll be glad to listen to any suggestions or ideas you have. We are always willing to learn, and we are happy to put that learning to good use.