We love pets and every minute we spend with them!  Let's make this time count and lengthen our relationship with our lovable, fluffy or scaly pets with precious photos. More people than ever are electing to have pet photography performed, and those in the Panama City Beach area choose Jelly Creative Designs for all their portrait needs.



Pet Photography Qualifications


A good pet photographer will have a love of animals, and be patient and kind when dealing with them. Having some knowledge about an animal’s behavior is also important, as this will help a photographer understand why a subject reacts in a certain manner. It takes a great deal of experience to develop a knack for capturing just the right poses as well as determining what equipment to use and how to prepare the background. The photographers here at Jelly Creative Design are well versed at photographing all types of animals, and can provide you with portraits you’ll cherish for a lifetime.



Dog Photography


When it comes to pet photography, dogs are the most common subject dealt with at Jelly Creative Design. Some people enjoy having individual or family portraits taken with this companion animal, while others want their canine to be featured alone. In order to obtain the best possible results, it’s important to remove distractions ahead of time so that the dog will be more willing to sit still. Provide some treats and offer lots of praise, and your pet will be more likely to pose for portraits than he would be otherwise.





Cat Photography


Taking pictures of felines is a little more difficult than it is with dogs for a number of reasons. The biggest one is the fact that cats often do not like to sit still for portraits. To combat this, you could have a photographer visit your home to take pictures of your cat in his normal environment. In doing so, a pet photographer could capture some unique memories for you, especially if your cat is caught while in play.  Another option would be to consider including your cat in a family portrait, and many people find this a viable option that their felines are more than willing to put up with.



Horse Photography


A pet photography session with horses must normally be held at a remote location, since bringing these animals to a photography studio can be cumbersome to do. When taking these photographs, there are a number of options aside from still portraits. One choice is for you or a loved one to be photographed sitting or riding on this animal. If your horse is a working equine, consider having some pictures of him hooked up to a wagon. Jelly Creative Design will even photograph your pet during horse shows, so you can remember it long after it is over with.





Other Exotic Pets


Pet photography can also include exotic animals such as tropical birds, lizards or even snakes. Whether it’s capturing them in action or simply including them in family photos, Jelly Creative Design is more than happy to accommodate your wishes. If you have an exotic pet, please talk to their professional photographers when making your appointment so that all the details concerning this photo shoot can be worked out precisely.  These pets are just as important as any others are, so they should get the same level of attention given to dogs, cats and horses as well.


Located along Highway 30A, Jelly Creative Design doesn’t just limit their photography practice to shots of people. Pets are an important part of our everyday lives which is why they are also counted among the clients here. To find out more about having pet portraits taken, give them a call at (850) 972-0467.