In a day and age where everybody has at least one or two cameras on their phones, computers, and other mobile devices, there is no excuse not to get plenty of adorable pictures of your newborn. However, baby pictures tend to vary quite a bit in terms of quality. Having a professional newborn photographer for at least one extended photo session is a very good idea. Jelly Creative can provide you with pictures that will capture every wonderful detail of your newborn.



The Essentials of Newborn Photography


Taking excellent baby pictures is more than just catching a baby’s smile with a cell phone camera. It requires a lot of patience and personality on the part of the photographer. Newborns don’t typically follow instructions, and there is no telling what mood they might be in for a shoot. A skilled photographer will take the time to set up the session to meet your exact specifications, ensure that there are plenty of safety precautions, and then use every trick available to get the shots you want. This can be as simple as providing a distraction to direct a newborn’s attention, or as complex as rearranging the entire composition of a shot to account for a particular baby’s mood and demeanor.





The Preparation Process


Jelly Creative will work with you from the beginning to the end of the infant photography process. To make sure that things go smoothly, and that you get the best newborn pictures possible, there are some steps you can take to prepare as well. This includes making sure your baby is well fed just before the shoot starts, as this will minimize fussiness. If you have a favorite recording that the child likes to hear or a toy to play with, that will help as well. From there, the photographer will place the backdrops, arrange receiving blankets, and pose the newborn as needed for the shots. Photographers typically have a supply of beanbags and blankets that can help your child pose even at a very young age.



Details, Details, Details


The most valuable talent that a photographer can offer is an eye for all the important details involved in baby photography. We will make sure to capture not only full body shots that give an idea of how tiny and adorable your newborn is, but also pictures of hands, feet, and even forehead wrinkles. With patience and vision, we will make sure that you have baby pictures of your child awake and asleep, and that you will have every other shot you could want. Years from now, you will be able to look back on these pictures with perfect clarity, and smile at each memory that has been perfectly preserved.


Whether you are a new parent or have multiple children, you will want plenty of baby pictures to help commemorate the experience. At Jelly Creative, we will devote ourselves to giving you the quality that you deserve.