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We don't bother using watermarks on our images because they are distracting and look stupid. However we do take proper crediting very seriously. By signing the below form you agree to the following:


Anywhere you choose to use/post the photos or videos provided (Social Media or other), you must include credit linked back to Jelly Creative or Beck Graben with our social media handle and/or website at all times.


Examples: (Must Read!)


If you post the photo on instagram you must include the proper social media handle:


Photo/Video by: @JellyCreative




Photo/Video by: @BeckGraben.


Unfortunately our social media handles vary from social network to the next in regards to Jelly Creative. However, @BeckGraben often works.


If you use/post videos or photography somewhere and you can't use our social media handle (Printed or other), then you must list the website address with proper credit as follows:


Photo/Video by: Beck Graben |




Photo/Video by: Jelly Creative |


Failing to comply with these above terms can or may result in legal action to be taken on behalf of Jelly Creative LLC.