Pregnancy is one of the most momentous occasions in any woman's life. There is almost nothing that makes somebody glow more than knowing that they are carrying another life inside them. Jelly Creative can help you to commemorate your pregnancy through a skilled maternity photographer. Our maternity photography services will allow you to preserve the feelings of love and nurturing that come with this state so you can look back at it happily years down the line.



Pictures at any Stage


We can provide maternity photography at any stage of your pregnancy, no matter how much you are showing. Your overall goals and desires for the photo shoot are the most important element of the process. You can use us several times to track your pregnancy through the months, or you can choose one major session that will show off your baby bump and highlight the emotions you are feeling as you await your bundle of joy. More than almost any other type of photography, maternity photography is a function of what the mother wants and how she wants to remember this wonderful event. We will listen to your feelings and thoughts on the shoot before making any decisions.



Filters and Backgrounds


One of the most common ways to emphasize the maternal nature of these pictures is to use soft filters and pleasant backgrounds. Our maternity photographers can bring the focus as up close and personal as you might like to provide as much emphasis as possible on just you and your soon-to-arrive child. Backgrounds also play a large role in the maternity photography process, since where you are can be just as important to a shot as the expression on your face. We can shoot on site or in a studio, depending on your preferences. If you'd like a mix of the two, we can even use different backdrops to give your pictures an on location feel while having all the conveniences of a studio shoot.





Post-Processing and Additional Work


After the maternity photography shoot, our designers can take over and offer a variety of post-processing services that will enhance your photos even more. This can include digital editing after the fact the ensure that the lighting is correct and any unnecessary distractions are properly removed. It can also include shifting color photographs to black and white, which adds a more timeless feel to the work. Selective coloring can also be used to help emphasize certain parts of a shot while leaving the rest muted. Finally, different formats can be chosen to allow you to print the pictures for framing, save them to a computer, or display them as part of an electronic slide show, all depending on your needs and desires.


If you like the sound of our wedding photography services, look us up at Jelly Creative and give us a try. We employ many skilled photographers and designers, and they will all be ready to meet your needs no matter what unique requests you might have.