Making Changes



We pride ourself on saving you money when we can. Here is the most efficient way to submit changes to a website. Regarding changes to any website page, follow these steps:


1. Copy & paste the website page address containing the text or graphics you want to be changed.


2. Graphic, Photo or Text?


GRAPHIC/PHOTO: Save the image you want to be changed and place it in an email and describe the desired change you would like.


TEXT: Copy & paste the entire paragraph that contains the change you want to make.


3. With the pasted paragraph, go ahead an make your changes to the text in the paragraph.


4. Please email us at info@jellygraphicsdesign.com.


Following these steps allow us to copy and paste the entire paragraph rather than scan for the exact sentence or word you want to be changed. This will save a lot of time and money!



Website Design



Hopefully, we don't all die in a freak fiery private jet crash, but in case we do we will send all the files you need for someone to maintain your site upon your request.



We build every website with a very up to date and effective foundation to build a strong web presence upon; however, if you don't do all of the things mentioned here yourself, then you won't experience the full effect of your online potential. This is the reason why many of our clients use us for our Minimum 6-month SEO packages and with great success! Read more here about SEO packages here.




SEO - Search Engine Optimization



Our SEO packages are proven to be effective, and our methods are continually up to date with the latest successful techniques. However, SEO is an investment and results are not apparent over night. It can take months, after all, we are building a trustworthy relationship with Google, which takes time understandably. Which is why we only sign up clients for an SEO package at a minimum of 6 months. Stick with it and you will be as happy as our many clients who have chosen an SEO plan and thrive.




Graphic Design



You will receive your unique logo via email and in various formats that are compatible with the various forms of media, you may require. Your vector file (.ai) is important since it can be resized to a huge or small size and retain sharp, unparalleled quality compared to .png or .jpeg file formats.







Photos arrive via email and are available for download forever. We don't use thumb drives or old school Cd's because we like to save the environment and that's our excuse for not wanting deal with physical items when electronic delivery is easier.



With our trained eyes we choose the best, edit and send. You can purchase all the RAW photos and/or video files for download shot during the session for a fee. Contact us for your tailored price based on your project.