Family portraits never go out of style, and are something people constantly treasure as they grow older. If you aren’t having portraits taken, you are missing out on some amazing memories. Build lasting memories and draw closer to those you care about by scheduling a family photography session with Jelly Creative today.



Infants and Children


Helping Time Stand Still


Photographing infants and children is perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of our family photography. Your little ones will only be little for a short while, so it is important to preserve as many special moments and “firsts” as possible. We are highly skilled at dealing with babies and toddlers, and know how to bring out the best in each child. Whether you desire formal, informal, or “silly” poses, we can easily accommodate your needs. Don’t let too much time slip by without capturing those precious moments with your kids-contact us today to schedule an appointment.





Family Portraits


Leaving a Legacy


You probably have family portraits from years gone by that you treasure deeply. Some of these portraits may include yourself, while others might be of your parents or grandparents. This is why we encourage people to think of family photography as a legacy that they are leaving behind for their children and grandchildren. You can enjoy your family portraits now, but the generations to follow will love them even more because they will become a part of your history. There’s no time like the present to begin building a legacy for your heirs, which is why we invite you to contact us today.



Any Setting


We Come to You


Not all family portraits are taken in a studio. You may desire family photography during a reunion, birthday party, or other get-together, in which case we are happy to come to your location. Some of our best portraits are taken during outings at the beach or while at a picnic in the park, because people seem to be more relaxed. If you desire family photographs but feel stressed at the idea of getting dressed up and going to a studio, talk with us about the possibility of having our photographer come to your location instead.