While your wedding may be the happiest day of your life, the overall journey to marital bliss is one worth documenting as well. We can provide engagement photography that will help you commemorate your journey before you even take a step down the aisle. Our photographers can capture all the essentials of your engagement, shooting in a studio or at one of your favorite locations. Preserving your memories is important, and we can give you a great engagement album.



Capturing the Joy


Whether you got engaged last week or six months ago, you are probably still walking on air. Our photographers can make sure to capture the joy you feel right now, so you can remember these emotions years down the road. Engagement photography involves putting you in situations where you can let that inner joy shine. A photographer will speak with both of you to figure out a way to show off your unique personalities and let your emotions carry the shoot. By listening to your needs, adapting the shoot to your individual personalities, and then taking the time to get the setting and the lighting just right, we will make sure that you will have great engagement pictures for years to come.





Choosing your Environment


When it comes to couple’s photography, there are a number of different places you can choose for your pictures. If you have a specific location in mind that strikes you as particularly romantic, we will work with you in an attempt to get some shots of that area. If you aren't sure of where you want the engagement photography to occur, we can bring you in to a studio and take the pictures with a variety of different backdrops. Experienced photographers can get images of anything from a close-up of your engagement ring to a wide shot of the happy couple making a romantic gesture. The flexibility is there for you to take advantage of, and our experience will help take care of the rest.



Uses for Engagement Pictures


Beyond the need to keep your memories fresh even after years have passed, engagement photography can also be helpful in announcing your upcoming wedding. You can send the pictures to newspapers when you print your announcement, and you can place them in your wedding program or invitations. You can even feature them as a prominent part of your wedding or reception, using these images as a way of showing your journey together. As with everything else, our experienced photographers will be able to give you some advice in this field, guiding you with the traditions they have seen, and allowing you to make those traditions your own.


Engagement photography can be every bit as important as wedding photography. We have designers and photographers who will do everything possible to make sure that your journey into marital bliss is handled perfectly from start to finish. We will meet your needs and provide the highest quality of work at all times.