Children naturally have endless energy, we harness that energy to make sure everyone involved has a great time and the photography is on point.


Kids grow up too fast. Enjoy and show off your beloved kids, and create endearing memories as much as you can with photography that lasts forever, no matter what stage of life they are currently in. Pictures are something to be treasured for a lifetime, and there is only a limited amount of time in which to capture the memories of their youth.



Reasons to Consider


Children are one of life’s most precious gifts. Unfortunately, they don’t stay little for long, and parents are often left wondering how their babies grew up so fast. Having childhood portraits taken at regular intervals will help parents remember the good times they’ve had with their little ones long after they have grown into adulthood. These pictures will be shared and cherished by everyone for generations to come. Since these pictures will last forever, the money spent on child photography will definitely be well invested.





Available Choices


When it comes to child photography, there are plenty of choices for you to consider. You could elect to have group pictures taken of all your children or single portraits of one particular child. Pictures can be taken in a photography studio that’s laden with props or be impromptu photos taken while the child is performing everyday activities. Many people elect to have a combination of formal and casual poses in order to have a well-rounded portfolio of images that accurately reflect a child’s formative years.



Considerations when Photographing Kids


Here at Jelly Creative Design, we understand that not every child is enthused about having his or her picture taken. That’s why we make special considerations when performing child photography. Perhaps your son or daughter would feel more comfortable with a special toy, stuffed animal or even a pet. If so, we’ll be happy to include these items in the photograph, as well.  You may want to consider a location shoot, and the local beaches here are ideal for taking shots of children as they frolic and play in the turquoise waters for which the area is known.





Preparing your Child


Although our talented child photographers can make almost any kid feel relaxed, there are still a few things you can do ahead of time in order to make your photo shoot go smoother. Begin by ensuring your child gets plenty of rest before having pictures taken, and do not schedule child photography near naptime. Try explaining to your son or daughter what will happen during a photography session so that he or she will be well prepared ahead of time. Don’t force your children to wear clothes that are uncomfortable simply because they are cute, as their faces will definitely reflect this. Older kids should be allowed to have a say in what they wear for their portraits as well.  If any subject is sick, we need to reschedule, because it will certainly reflect in there facial expressions.



When to Take Portraits


A question that often comes up with regards to child photography concerns how often pictures should be taken. For infants who are less than two years of age, images could be needed every three to six months in order to capture their growth and development. Children between two and five should have pictures taken every six to twelve months, while older kids should have portraits snapped annually. It’s also a good idea to consider pictures to commemorate special events such as birthdays and Christmas in addition to having family portraits taken from time to time.


At Jelly Creative Design, we are patient and experienced when it comes to dealing with children. Our expert child photographers can usually have them smiling from ear to ear for the camera regardless of how nervous they are when they first meet our crew.  After seeing our work, we think you’ll be smiling as well. Contact us at (850) 972-0467 to schedule a session and find out more about the child photography packages we have to offer.