Beck Graben


Owner / Creative Director


Why do something if it's not the best? I believe that passion is the most fundamental quality to have in anything you choose to do in life.  I love what I do, and I always provide a unique, clean, enticing, quality and effective “brand” for any business or event in which I choose to market and love as my own.


One of the biggest problems I see other professionals in my line of work get caught up in, is their comfort zone; They find the skills they're most comfortable with utilizing and forever stay there.


Fortunately, that is simply not how this fast moving world works.  People are and will always be creative and innovative with changing styles and techniques.  Therefore,  I spend hours taking in new knowledge so I am always able to provide a fresh and perfected service, style and technique.  I guess you could say I have always been and will always try to better and perfect myself as well as any other thing under my control.  My happiness can be largely dependent on my clients satisfaction and success.


Nicole Handwerker


Head Business Consultant / Advisor


As the head business consultant for Jelly Creative, Nicole shares Beck’s common vision of passion and stepping outside one’s comfort zone to develop fresh, innovative perspectives. Her diverse background has provided many opportunities to develop leadership and solve complex problems in a variety of industries. That wide range of experiences is something she draws from in order to provide practical solutions that are nonetheless somewhat out of the ordinary.


Finance is Nicole’s primary specialty, and is something that takes center stage in everything she does. Her influence is apparent on every project in the way of streamlined costs and greater efficiency. Thanks to Nicole’s expertise, a number of ventures in the United States and beyond have overcome tremendous odds to become wildly successful.

Ryan Rossi


Business Consultant / Advisor


Ryan has a true passion for marketing, startups and helping entrepreneurs grow their vision, product, and brand. He has a diverse business background and is currently focused on building a world class social media management solution for small businesses.


Many small businesses realize the importance of marketing their company and brand, however, they either lack the time or knowledge to maximize existing and ever-changing tools that are currently available. This realization inspired the start of his marketing, with the goal of using the vast resources available on the Internet to help build a solid web presence for businesses. Ryan has helped several companies from multiple industries grow and maximize their web presence.

Nessi DeJesus


Head I.T. Director / Communications


Keeping up with the fast-paced world of technology isn’t easy; however, the intense challenges of modern IT and communications systems is something Nessie thrives on. Here at Jelly Creative, we can always count on her to provide real-time solutions that allow us to better serve our most valuable asset-YOU. Nessie is also committed to advancing her knowledge, allowing us to continue providing the most up-to-date solutions possible.


Nessie knows that by, working behind the scenes, the results of her efforts are what people notice first. For her, that’s just fine, as the amount of pride and attention to detail she provides more than speaks for itself. It’s also what has allowed her collaborate on a number of projects large and small.

Teresa Roland


Copywriter / Scripts


Teresa believes that written words do more than just tell a story-they are also a powerful form of communication. Her goal is to provide readers with a dynamic story, drawing them in through colorful language that is personally relatable. No matter how far technology advances, verbal expression is never enough. There is something about seeing printed words whether on paper or a computer screen that adds a whole new dimension to everything.


The best part of writing for Jelly Creative is the opportunity to learn something new every day and then share that knowledge with others. It is a concept she has utilized in literally thousands of projects over the past few years, and is something that truly inspires her as a writer.

Geena Rae


Social Media Marketing Specialist / Influencer


Expressing ideas and building relationships are two things Geena is profound at. Whether capitalizing on new trends or raising awareness of certain issues, she gets the point across in a manner that has people fully engaged and enthusiastic about what is still yet to come. Whether you require video for an ad campaign, or are looking to increase your followers, Geena has innovative ideas that will produce the type of results you desire.


Geena believes that social media provides a vast array of tools that can help businesses build leads, increase sales, and nurture relationships, but only if they are used correctly. We think you’ll find her very skilled at cutting through all the noise out there to help you more fully establish your brand.

Ella Gemmell


Head Social Media Marketing Specialist


Born in England and raised in California, Ella loves to design, travel and inspire. Over the past 5 years she has been providing businesses in both Europe and the United States with marketing and social media direction and support. With an extensive creative back ground she has a keen eye for the visual arts and a great attention to detail. Providing quality service through every step of the process, whether it be a simple Instagram post or a complete marketing strategy. She enjoys building brand identities and online presence for a variety of business and helping them continue to grow with Jelly Creative.



Because Jellyfish are awesome.

Seriously, why Jelly?


When I created this company I never predicted how often I'd be asked the meaning behind the name therefore, to settle all curiosity I chose Jelly Creative in reference to Jellyfish for two reasons:


1.  I grew up on the coast constantly involving myself in everything water related.  I love it.  The beauty.  The simplicity, yet intricate and superior design throughout proof of life.  The minimal clothing involved.  Sun kissed skin chased with salty kisses.  The Sports that allow me to release my seemingly endless energy.  I could go on and on...


2.  Jellyfish are intoxicating to look at.  To me, they are the most artistic creatures in the animal kingdom.  I will always strive to be more creative and different, in hopes that my qualities set my work apart from others'. Plus Jellyfish pack a nasty sting at times.  Much like our effect on competitors.  Haha...  Seriously, bring it.


So thats the tip of the iceberg.  I look forward to constantly growing and providing you with nothing short of amazing.  Always.


Let's Get Personal


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